Who we are

More Direct Democracy (MDD) is a democratic platform that facilitates independ citizen representatives/politicians. We are doing this out of the full conviction that representatives are the most important players in a democracy. It is they who control the people in power on our behalf.

In a healthy democracy, people with ideas for improvement and political interests should be able to ‘transition’ to a position as a representative of the people- without the usual party political bickering. Whether this is for the municipal council, the House of Representatives or the European Parliament

What we do

At More Direct Democracy (MDD), we work on strengthening your influence where it is most needed: in the European Parliament, which daily proves to exist in its own reality. Our goal is to bring back and strengthen the voice of Dutch citizens to the heart of European democracy.

The MDD platform has several key features:

  1. No overall party program
  2. Candidacy of autonomous politicians with expertise, integrity, life experience and courage.
  3. Efficiency, effectiveness, and legality are taken into account in every consideration made by our representatives. (Reality check!)
  4. Our representatives are primarily accountable to the voters (via blogs, vlogs, meet&greets, etc.). The connection between the voter and the elected representative determines the strength of democracy.

Our vision

Our aim is clear: To strengthen the influence of Dutch citizens in a place where detached party politicians are increasingly consolidating power. At our MDD platform we envision a healtier democracy.

By not imposing a fixed party program, we ‘liberate’ political talents from a straitjacket and give them the space to operate independently, compellingly, and originally. In this way, we put ‘recognizable’ politicians in the spotlight, who in turn are necessary to make our democracy healthier, which in our view means: closer to voters.

Even more fearful bureaucrats – who are already plentiful in the European Parliament – will not help democracy to become more humane. The candidates of MDD will! Vote them to Brussels!

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The latest news from MDD and its candidates.

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