Policy Plan More Direct Democracy

Policy plan for the policital party

‘More Direct Democracy’

I. Introduction:

To become a representative in a municipal council, provincial council, national parliament, or the European Parliament, membership of a political party is indispensable. All political parties have a party board and a party program. De partij bepaalt welke kandidaten er op een verkiezingslijst bij een verkiezing worden geplaatst.

This makes it impossible for people who want to be representatives but do not agree with the positions and priorities of political parties to realize their ambitions and serve democracy.

MDD considers this way of doing things a significant shortcoming in the democratic system. “MDD believes that anyone who wants to represent the people in a parliament or a similar democratic body should be enabled to do so, even without conforming to the positions of a political party and without the intervention of a party board or electoral committee.

Additionally, MDD believes that the organization of democracy needs improvement, such as clear communication, increased transparency, etc.

The aim of the political party More Direct Democracy (MDD) is to increase the democratic engagement of citizens and reduce the gap between elected representatives and voters.

This policy plan outlines the strategies and measures that the party intends to implement to achieve this goal.

II. Policy objectives:

  1. Enhancing democratic engagement:
    MDD will launch initiatives to encourage and facilitate citizens to participate more actively in the democratic process. At MDD, it’s about the voter and the representatives, the elected ones. The party facilitates (future) representatives with training, administrative support, and communication tools. The representative is responsible for formulating priorities and communicating them to his/her electorate. Anyone who wishes to run for a representative body can do so through MDD.
  1. Transparency and accountability:
    MDD will strive for more transparency in the political process and will hold elected representatives accountable for their actions. Representatives will periodically be held accountable for their actions via the communication channels provided by MDD (social media and website).
  1. Servant leadership:
    MDD will focus on servant leadership, where the interests of the citizens are paramount, and elected leaders dedicate themselves to serving their constituents

The oversight of the government (administration, council, and otherwise), maintaining contact with their own constituency, and formulating and developing ideas for the common good are matters for which the representative who works through MDD in a representative body is committed.

III. Policy strategies:

  1. Direct Democracy Initiatives:
    MDD will propose implementing more direct democracy mechanisms, such as referendums and citizen initiatives, to give citizens more influence in policymaking.
  1. Digital Democracy:
    MDD will work on the development of digital platforms to promote dialogue between citizens and their representatives, and to simplify and democratize electoral processes.
  1. Transparency and accountability:
    MDD will develop policies to increase the transparency of government actions and strengthen the accountability of elected representatives, such as open data initiatives and stricter ethical rules for politicians.

IV. Action Points:

  1. Prepare legislative proposals for the implementation of direct democracy mechanisms.
  1. Samenwerken met technologiebedrijven om digitale platforms te ontwikkelen voor democratische participatie.
  1. Lobbyen voor transparantie en verantwoordingswetgeving.
  1. Launch education and awareness campaigns to inform citizens about their rights and responsibilities in a democratic system.
  1. MDD will abstain from taking substantive positions and establishing a party program. Representatives who represent the voters through MDD are free to think, say, and write what they want, and to vote without being subject to instructions or influence.”

The party More Direct Democracy aims for a renewal of democracy that places the voter at the center and makes the elected representatives servants of the people. With the strategies and action outlined in this policy plan, we are confident that we can come one step closer to achieving this goal.

We invite all citizens to participate in this process and collaborate towards a more democratic society.

This policy plan will be evaluated annually and adjusted as necessary.

Brussels, October 15, 2023.

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