More Direct Democracy (MDD) is a democratic platform that facilitates independ citizen representatives/politicians.

We are doing this out of the full conviction that representatives are the most important players in a democracy. It is they who control the people in power on our behalf.

To fully realize and credibly convey that oversight function, MDD believes it’s best if representatives operate purely on a personal basis. In short, they are free to choose there own priorioties and opinions. Not hindert by a party line (left, center, or right).

No mincing words!

The main goal of MDD and it’s concept, is to involve more people with talent, authority, and a recognizable, distinctive vision into politics. This broadens the spectrum of voices and improves the quality of governance.

An additional effect is that we reduce the role of political parties; they currently have too much influence on whether individuals can become representatives. And how they behave in that important role.

In a healthy democracy, imaginative and politically interested individuals should be able to ‘cross over’ to become representatives without party political bickering, whether it’s in the municipal council, the House of Representatives, or the European Parliament.

That’s why all individuals with a pronounced vision for society and a clear agenda are welcome at MDD. And of course, we also actively seek out promising candidates ourselves.

To become a candidate on behalf of MDD – after all, politics is not a free ride – we look at personality, motivation, integrity, expertise, and communication skills (not ideology).

The European Elections of 2024 are the first elections in which MDD participates.

That is logical

If there’s anywhere political parties let their own representatives operate within boundaries (and thus facelessly), it’s the European Parliament!

By no longer constraining outspoken and authoritative individuals and providing simplified access to representative bodies, parliaments will come to life. That means they will be more recognizable, garner more support, and therefore be able to work more effectively.

Thus, MDD makes our increasingly gray democracy more accessible and stronger.

Join us!

Your voice, your freedom, our future.

Join us and make a difference!

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