What we do

Abolition of party programs:

MDD is a platform for sharply profiled politicians who do not want to commit to a party program. A MDD- representative operates on their own behalf. The MDD platform takes on the role of supporting its representative as effectively as possible.

Individual autonomy + accountability:

Our candidates have the freedom to speak and vote based on their own values and believes. We ensure that our parliamentarians are periodically accountable to the citizens of the Netherlands online in a very personal way – through blogs or vlogs. Besides, MDD guarantees that they are easily reachable for questions from the public and willing to engage in dialogue

Letting go of ideology:

MDD recognizes that politics and society have become complex. However, we do not use this fact to distance citizens – you included – but rather see it as a challenge to communicate complex (European) matters in clear language through our skilled representatives. We believe this is best achieved when politicians are not hindered by a fixed (left-wing or right-wing) ideology. When they can speak freely and without having to consider a partyline.

An inclusive candidate selection:

MDD aims for a broad and diverse group of candidates (above eighteen years old) who embraces our democratic principles. Anyone with a strong vision for the future, passion for change and love for democracy can join and contribute to our platform. Each candidate brings their own interests and focal points, and we do not impose limits on that or interfere. At MDD we aim for canditates that can pith there agenda with passion and persuasiveness.

Something real to choose:

Through our approach, voters have the opportunity to vote for someone whose individual profile resonates with them. That finally makes it possible to say or think wholeheartedly: ‘That’s my man or woman in the European Parliament!

Critical oversight of Europe:

Through our approach, we hope to strengthen the supervisory role of the European Parliament and ensure that decisions are not overly influenced or purely based on party politics and powerful lobbies, but genuinely on the interests of citizens.

Transparancy & Dialogue:

At MDD, we believe in openness and transparency. We strive for a society where citizens are directly involved in the political process. And in our opinion as much as possible! Group politics and party interests are, in our view, negative factors: they turn intelligent and capable representatives into yes-men who collect their royal salaries by being an additional vote for their party -without using there voice or without actually doing something for their voters. This is a plague in politics, especially in the European Parliament!

Support & Mobilization:

Democracy must work in both directions: our representatives periodically explain to you what they are doing and why they voted for or against something. And through them, you can bring new topics and perspectives to the European Parliament.

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