4 Reasons to choose MDD

Representatives you DO know by name

One of the most persistent characteristics of the European Parliament – and of democracy in general – is that once representatives are elected, they become faceless. Putting their party and personal career above your support Certainly the European Parliament, which is far away in Brussels, is struggling with career politicians who primarily obey their European party. And only think within the lines of the ideology of that party. MDD wants to initiate – as the name suggests! – much more direct democracy

MDD candidates don’t need to beat around the bush. There is, in fact, no overall party program. We screen candidates for expertise, integrity, communication skills, and having a clear agenda on what they aim to achieve in parliament. If you find that profile appealing, then you vote for that candidate. If not, also fine.

That’s how democracy is supposed to work!

Enhancing (direct) contact between voters and representatives

As freely as MDD parliamentarians are in the European Parliament in terms of their program and priorities, we will ensure strict oversight of transparant online communication. So you can check at al times what a MDD parliamentarian is doing with your mandate. We will keep you informed about their plans, actions, and reasons for their actions in the European Parliament. MDD considers it natural that you can follow them on their journey through Europe. They will be open to direct contact with you, via email, online meetings/consultations, or face-to-face contact.

In this way, a dialogue is initiated between Members of the European Parliament and their constituents. Both the EU and the European Parliament – quite literally – become more visible.

Good governance

The creation of good rules and regulations depends on representatives who are not afraid to think independently and outside the box. That’s why MDD doesn’t want more anonymous party insiders in the European Parliament. MDD aims for critical, vigilant, and competent representatives who act with authority and expertise. And thanks to their complete independence, they dare to raise uncomfortable (but crucial) questions.

Ideally, MDD representatives ask exactly those questions that are NOT asked in the Brussels lobbying circuit and by major parties, or are swept under the rug there.

Characters! Not bureaucrats…

What makes other parties nervous – individuality, passion, indifference towards losing status – is what makes us happy. MDD cannot promise to scout your ideal parliamentarian, but rest assured that we will do our utmost to find individuals who combine expertise, courage, and independence with your interests and those of Europe. Such characters enhance the authority and respect in the European Union and the European Parliament.

As mentioned, we choose characters over bureaucrats.

Join us!

Your voice, your freedom, our future.

Join us and make a difference!

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